The Initiative AFRI-EUROTEXT defines itself as a literary, cultural, artistic and socio-critical forum, which sets itself the goal to focus on literary, non-literary, artistic and cultural (everyday) works and textual manifestations from the African and European continent or on texts focused on the interrelations between Africa and Europe in order to analyse and bring them closer to a wider possible Austrian and European audience, in a broad spectrum; taking into account not only their contexts, but also their contextual symbolic meanings. Texts from African an European literatures provide an in-depth look at issues and concerns of both African and European societies and contribute to a differentiated view of African and European conditions and thereby to a culture of mutual respect and peace..

The Initiative AFRI-EUROTEXT is not only focused on literary, cultural and artistic questions, but it also places emphasis on a dialogic and differentiated approach to controversial issues of global and local asymmetries, of global and local cultural differences and interdependencies. Literary, non-literary and artistic texts will be displayed or discussed, because they represent dimensions of intellectual and secular discourse about our world. Literary, non-literary cultural and artistic texts connect our world in many ways. The focus is rather on what unites rather than what divides us. The name of the Forum as AFRI-EURO TEXT is paradigmatic for this Forum inherent focus on what unites, on the common and the non-monolithic character of cultures, on the textu(r)al and contrapuntal spaces of encounter..

The term or word “text” in the name AFRI-EUROTEXT is not only referring to scripture text, but it is, in a broader sense, also referring to the relations, contingencies and contiguities of everyday life between human beings, communities, localities and ”globalities”, a reference to the textural dimensions of everyday life as well as to subjective/objective arts of survival..

• educational participation
• intercultural experience- and knowledge exchange
• sustainable knowledge and broadening horizons
• promotion of a differentiated thought or action
• contribution to peaceful gatherings and thereby to increase life quality
• Focus on the Non-Monolithic of cultures
• promote a culture of mutual respect
• Focus on textual and contrapuntal spaces of encounter
• Focus on local and global asymmetries

Leitmotiv: Together for a culture of exchange, dialogue, peace, and differentiated thinking and acting.