The Initiative AFRI-EUROTEXT, a committed and emerging player in literature, culture, art and science in Austria and Europe, is looking for two interns, who can work in ongoing projects and events.

Experience in project organization and management; Perseverance; Teamwork; Ability to communicate complex issues and topics in simple terms; Organizational skills, creativity and flexibility.

Advantageous: Word Office User Skills, competent handling of new information technologies and social media

Job description:
Organizational and administrative preparation, support and follow-up of events; Filing, incoming and outgoing mail; Compose and send out invitations, correspondence with cooperation partners and target groups; Implementation of promotional activities;
Project / Event Documentation: Creating a project / event folders and updates; Quality control and reports

monthly allowance of € 202 (brutto)
If you are interested please contact us by telephone or send an email to Mister
Dr. Daniel Romuald Bitouh, the Head of AFRI-EUROTEXT

Tel. 0650 / 7235099
Email (Office):
Email (Headoffice):