Lambarena-Project: musical convergences and divergences

Description of the Project

The project is devoted to a presentation and contrapuntal analysis of “Lambarena”, a composition of the gabonese composer Pierre Akendenge, which was created in collaboration with the french composer Hugues de Courson in 1994, as a tribute to the tropical doctor Dr. Albert Schweitzer. In his composition, Pierre Akendenge brings the voices and songs of Mbenga or Ba-Mbenga with the cantatas of German composer Johann Sebastian Bach together, in a productive dialogue. The Mbenga or Ba-Mbenga (undifferentiated called Gabun- or Cameroon Pygmies) are considered as natives of the African equatorial rain forest.
The focus is directed primarily to the staged composition in the encounter between Western European polyphony and the polyphony of the gabonese equatorial rain forest. These polyphonic encounters are paradigmatic for productive cross-cultural encounters. It’s also an invitation to a reflection on peaceful co-existence between people in the 21st century in Afrika, Europa or in the other parts of the world context.

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