Book project 1

This book project has been successfully completed. The Initiative AFRI-EUROTEXT is thankfull to those cooperating partners who are supporting the publication of this book project. The book will soon be available in bookstores throughout Austria, Europe and across Africa. Book signings and readings are planned.

Daniel R. Bitouh, Ästhetic of marginality in Joseph Roth´s work. A postcolonial look at the intertwining of continental and oversees-colonialism.
(The english translation of this book is in progress)

Daniel R. Bitouh

Ästhetic of marginality in Joseph Roth´s work


This work opens up the African and third world relation of Roth’s texts – a hitherto neglected aspect of the classical Roth’s research. The core research question is: How is the imperial en-counter between Europe and Africa discussed and presented in Roth’s work? A question that – according to the logic of this investigation – can be translated into the following matters namely: What is marginality by Joseph Roth? How does the marginality of Roth’s characters come to light? To what extent can this marginality be transferred to a global context? Questions of ›marginality‹, ›third spaces‹, ›identity‹, ›difference‹ and ›interdependence‹ are in the limelight. Selected Texts namely Die Rebellion, Hiob, Die Legende vom heiligen Trinker, Die Flucht ohne Ende, Die Rehabilitierung der Schwarzen, Der blonde Neger Guillaume and others are questioned on this points, with categories of postcolonial literary and cultural theory. The investigation is understood as a dialogical movement between texts and contexts. Roth´s texts build a bridge between Europe and Africa and thus enable an extension of view.