On the 28. April 2015 NGUGI WA THIONG'O comes ´ O
Our next literature debate to a project focus on African European literature and science encounters deals with Ngugi wa Thiong'o ´ os novel Mr of Crow, eng. Wizard of the Crow (2006), under the aspect of archaeology of power in post-colonial African context.

At last year's speculation about potential candidates to the Nobel Prize for literature 2014 was the name of Ngugi wa Thiong'o ´ os widely mentioned. His work is characterized by a constantly and unwaveringly stable political commitment. His novel Mr of Crow, commonly referred to as a critique of post-colonial Africa, is a paradigmatic example of again. The present debate would like to text intrinsically and extrinsically investigate, how WA Thiong'o is a os novel ´ archaeology or a diagnosis of power in the African context of postcolonial phenomenology operates. The question of the writing and the language, when Ngugi wa Thiong'o ´ o is a major concern, is left in the debate not neglect.

Location: Presseclub Concordia, Bankgasse 8, 1010 Vienna
Date: 28. April 2015 to 18:30
For organisational reasons, registration at the following email address is please: his beds.
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AFRI EUROTEXT is a concern, to illuminate this project focus from different perspectives and in its complexity. Our third event to this focus has on the topic: the role of media in our Constitution, by fear and enemy images focusing on Muslims

In a democracy, the media have basic functions. They are indispensable nowadays hardly out of people's everyday lives: we use them primarily as entertainment factor and information acquisition. Because there is in principle nothing, because the people is one of their tasks varied and balanced about events of various areas to inform, and to comment critically, to separate the opinion here but obviously from the facts of the case. Thus, they serve as tool of opinion, to get right into the society. But to what extent we are subject to their influence? To what extent we can consider critical? What happens when the media but not so ideal work, as we hope they? This evening, we would consider what decisive influence they have in the Constitution of fear – and enemy images in our society with examples.

Date: Saturday, 18.04.2015, 18:00 20:00
Place: will be announced here soon
Workshop leader: BA. Elif ÖZTÜRK, culture and social anthropologist, Islamic Religionspäda educator
For organisational reasons, registration at the following email address is please: his beds.