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The Initiative AFRI-EUROTEXT sees itself as a critical literary, cultural, artistic and scientific organisation, which is focused on literary, non-literary, artistic and cultural works and which brings signs and texts from the african as well as european continent or texts related to Africa as well as to African-European-Relations closer to a wide range of the Austrian and European audience, taking into account not only their emergent connections , but also their contextual symbolic meanings. Texts from African and European Literatures provide an in-depth look into topics, concerns and complexities of boths societies and can contribute to a differentiated consideration of african and european conditions. AFRI EUROTEXT sees itself as a sustainable think thank forum for Knowledge exchange, and thus contributes to a culture of mutual respect, dialogue and peace.

Questions of global and local asymmetries are also in the centre of our thematical focus as well as issues of cultural differences and interdependencies. Literary and non-literary texts play therefore in this context a paramount role, because they represent dimensions of the intellectual as well as profane discourses on our world. Those texts also offer helpful and enriching insights on our contemporary side-by-sideness. Literary, non-literary, cultural and artistic texts connect our world in many ways. The focus is rather on the unifying aspects than on what divides us. The designation AFRI-EUROTEXT is paradigmatic for our peculiar focus on the binding, the common and the non-monolithic dimensions of cultures, on the textual or contrapuntal spaces of encounter.

A deconstructive conception of the term text is at the base of the concept AFRI-EUROTEXT. The term or the word “Text” is in its wider sense a reference to the relations, contingencies and contiguities of everyday life. It is also a reference to our social interconnectedness as well as a reference to our subjective or objective arts of living.

• educational participation
• intercultural experience or Knowledge Exchange
• sustainable knowledge and broadening
• Promoting a differentiated thinking or Action
• Contribution to the peaceful gathering and thereby to the increase of quality of life
• Focus on the non-monolithic of cultures
• Promoting a culture of mutual respect
• Focus on textual or contrapuntal spaces of encounter
• Focus on local and global asymmetries

Motto: Together for a culture of sharing, of dialogue, of peace and of differentiated thinking and action.

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