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The Initiative AFRI-EUROTEXT distinguishes itself as a committed cultural, literary, artistic and socio-critical actor in Austrian and European contexts and has the necessary and versatile proven theoretical and practical knowledge and experience for a differentiating contrapuntal exploration of cultural, literary, artistic, social and political issues that have the dialogue, and the diverse range of past and present issues, concerns and relations between Africa and Europe as center of gravity.

These are our range of topics that always match with the actuality:

– Transatlantic triangular trade
– Imperial encounter
– Colonial desire and colonialism
– Anti-colonialism
– Decolonization
– Post-colonialism (postcolonial discourse, postcolonial literary and cultural theory)
– Poetics of hybridity
– Postcolonial relationality and neighborhood
– postkolonialism and “Third World Economy”
– Neocolonialism
– Migration and refugee issues
– Issues of cultural marginality
– Questions of alterity and identity
– Questions of power and cultural hybridity, of cultural differences and interdependences
– Third World and development issues
– International finance and logocentric discourse
– Binary opposition centers vs. peripheries and decentering
– Catachresis space
– Emerging Third World countries and economies
– China in Africa / China and Africa
– European Union and Africa / EU in Africa
– African Union (UA)
– Issues of poverty and local strategies of survival
– Structural violence

We are always ready to deliver high-quality contributions to the above listed topics orally and in writing on request and take specific requests from university departments and para-university institutions, associations, from retirement homes, schools and adult education institutions.

NB: The deliverable contributions are naturally differentiated and adapted to the audience.

Your call for papers and requests for meeting, conference participation, for a seminar presentation or for a public appearance are welcome.
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or by phone. Tel.: 0650/7235099