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Today, Monday, 16th of October at 7 pm, BEATRICE ACHALEKE is helding a talk.
Topic: On The importance and the need for the Global African Diaspora to tell its story in its own words with Beatrice ACHALEKE
Where: Seminar room 1, Department of African Studies, Spitalgasse 2, Hof 5, 1090 Wien
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Chair of Lecture: Prof. Adams Bodomo, Director, Global African Diaspora Studies (GADS) Research Platform & Head, Department of African Studies, University of Vienna

Béatrice Achaleke is a powerful, polyvalent, multitalented, multiple award-winning writer. She is presenting her new books. She will also share her views on Writing and Empowerment as far as the Global African Diaspora is concerned. Beatrice ACHALEKE thinks that it is time for the Global African Diaspora to start telling its own story in its own words. Achaleke, who is now living in South Afrika, is pleading for differenciated narratives about Africa. Let us just meet, discuss and network with Beatrice ACHALEKE. You are welcome.
Languages of the Event: African Languages, German, English and French