The Vienna African Writers (VAW) Club (, founded and chaired by Prof Adams Bodomo (Professor of African Languages and Literatures at the University of Vienna), organizes monthly African Poetry Slams (i.e. African poetry readings and competitions), along with other literary activities.

“African Writing” is conceptualized here to be any form of writing or related form of literary arts that addresses and expresses African themes and conditions, and is spoken, written, or performed in African languages or in any other languages. These VAW activities will take place at various places in the city, including at the Department of African Studies or other places at the University of Vienna and at various African and general restaurants in the city.

Aims of the Vienna African Writers Club (The VAW Club):

i. To promote African writing and other forms of African literary creations in the city of Vienna and beyond.
ii. To encourage young people to develop their creative capabilities through participations in African poetry slams and other literary activities.
iii. To promote African culture in Vienna and beyond.
iv. To support and promote the African studies curriculum at the University of Vienna.
v. To create an atmosphere for young people all over the world to foster bonds of friendship and cross-cultural understanding through African literary activities.

Every Thursday in the 3rd week of the month from 7.00 pm till 9.00 pm (unless otherwise stated).

Rules of the Game:
i. Some days are just for normal poetry readings and other literary activities without any competitions or a real poetry slam (i.e. a poetry reading competition).
ii. For days with poetry slam (i.e. poetry reading competitions) or any other literary competitions, the Chair, Prof. Bodomo, or his representative will select three members of the audience to act as judges who will award marks for each piece of work read for the evening.

Admission to the creative writing competition is open and free. Please feel welcome to attend, actively or as a listener! To qualify to read your poetry or take part in any literary activity, please send an e-mail to:

Ms. Caroline Pajancic
Department of African Studies

A Vienna African Writing quarterly newsletter, THE DAWORO, has already been started this year. A Vienna African Poetry Journal, THE TUMPANNE, along with a Tumpanne Poetry Book Series, is planned for publication in the near future. The newsletter serves to inform VAW Club members about news and happenings on the poetry scene in Vienna and other parts of the world. The poetry journal and its book series will publish peer-reviewed poems written by VAW members and non-members.

Daworo Editorial Board
Dr. phil. Tomi Adeaga
Dr. phil. Daniel Romuald Bitouh
Caroline Pajančič
Yayra Sumah

The Institute of African Studies of the University of Vienna, the Vienna African Writer Club (VAW) and the Initiative AFRI-EUROTEXT work together.

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